Iconic landmarks, Abu Dhabi

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Edifici residenziali multipiano a Abu Dhabi I
2009 I
Committente: Privato I
Residential buildings multistorey at Abu Dhabi I
2009 I
Client: Private I

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The skyscrapers are designed to be recognised as iconic urban landmarks in the city skyline, characterized by their changing geometric structure. The architectural proposal envisages that some towers may be grouped on a common multi-storey basement (supported by piles), housing public spaces, squares, and arcades, commercial and leisure activities, as well as car parks and garages. On the contrary, smaller lots may be characterised by the presence of single towers, without basement, rising directly from the ground, and with garages underneath. The architectural design includes vertical landscaping, atrium spaces, sky squares covered by roof-canopies, loggias, solar-shielding on the façade. In order to connect the skyscrapers strictly to the urban context, they will be placed on a four-six floor podium, with arcades, a three-four storey atrium and other public spaces where commercial activities, restaurants and cafés, as well as exhibition, sport, cinema and performance spaces will be hosted. Here the ‘street-life’ will be taken inside the building, with ramps creating a continuous spatial flow from public to less public, to the upper floors, with other atriums, viewing decks and more semi-public spaces. Since for many months during the year Abu Dhabi is too hot for long outdoor activities, it will be essential to have an interior environment that can adapt to the range of local climatic conditions, creating semi-enclosed and passivelycooled pedestrian arcades and a courtyard/atrium around which the various activities and buildings are organised. In addition, the large podium rooftop garden will provide additional space for public social activity.

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